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Prof. Huamin Zhang’s Laboratory (Team 303): PEMFC Key Materials and Technology


Prof. Huamin Zhang

Address :

457 Zhongshan Road,Dalian 116023, China






     Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS (DICP) began research on alkali fuel cell (AFC) as early as 1970s. From the mid-1990s, DICP started research and development activities on molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC), proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC).
     Group 303 undertook the R&D work under “Key Project for Fuel Cell Technology” from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and “Key Project for Fuel Cell Technology” from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) during the 9th five-year-plan of China, and successfully developed a 30 KW H2/O2 fuel cell set. Cooperating with other research institutions, the group developed a 30KW H2/O2 fuel cell driven passenger bus.
     During the 10th five-year-plan term , the group undertook the task of “Engine Technology of Fuel Cell”under “Key Project for Electric Automobile” in the national 863 high-Tech Program and also R&D on the project of “High Power PEMFC Engine and Related Hydrogen Source Technology ”under CAS Knowledge Innovation Program, and has developed PEMFC modules with rating net output power of 20KW/25KW/50KW and PEMFC engines of 75KW/90KW/100KW. In addition, the group, cooperating with QsingHuaUniversity and also other partners has successfully developed 75KW and 100KW PEMFC engine driven city buses.
     On January 2004, considering to be seasoned for development requirement of fuel cell advanced technology and commercialization, PEMFC research group was reorganized into two groups--- Research Group for PEMFC Key Materials and Technology (Group 303) and System Group for PEMFC. The former group leader, Prof. Huamin Zhang, is now the leader of newly-founded Group 303.

     The group mainly concentrates on PEMFC key materials and technology. Besides, it carries out redox flow energy storage battery, H2 preparation technology from chemicals, PEM electrolysis preparation of H2 and re-generable fuel cell technology.

     Focus of each field:

(一)PEMFC Key Materials:

  • High performance, low Pt loading catalysts
  • High performance CO tolerant catalysts
  • Novel proton exchange membranes (composite membrane, high temperature resistant membrane, self-wetting membrane)
  • Novel bi-polar plate
  • Current density distribution

    (二) Redox flow battery:
  • Sodium polysulfide/bromine energy storage battery

    (三) H2 preparation technology from compounds:
  • H2 preparation technology from hydrides hydrolysis

    (四) PEM electrolysis preparation of H2 and re-generable fuel cell technology.
  • Using reversible reaction of fuel cell, develop high-efficiency electrolysis H2 preparation technology.
  • Combining PEMFC technology and PEM electrolysis H2 preparation develop re-generable fuel cell technology.

  • International cooperation:
         1. The group has set up long-term cooperative relationship with SAMSUNG Co. of South Korea. DICP-SAMSUNG Joint Lab was founded in 2003 under this cooperation. Prof. Huamin Zhang is the director of the joint lab. The two partners have started their R&D project cooperation.
         2. Cooperating with Germany Project cooperation on proton exchange membrane between the two partners has started.
         3. Cooperative relationship has been established with Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation,National Research Council Canada.